managing adsense campaign

Adsense services

Google AdSense is the popular advertising program that gives revenue from each page on your website or blog with a minimum investment in time.

Google adsense serve advertisements

based on website content, the user's geographical location, and other factors. Most of the people fail due to lack of professional advice and knowledge.

Seo Promotion India provides Adsense optimization service to maximize revenue from google adsense program. We use advance tracking tool for proper placement of ads, selecting correct ad size and choosing between picture ads and text ads.

We help you put up a better Ad campaign on your site to generate maximum revenue. Getting a Google account is not much easier and it requires knowledge of Google AdSense approval policies. We enroll you in a Google AdSense account in a very short time indeed.

Our experts work on your Google Ad Campaign to bring relevant advertisements to your site. Adsense Specialists match your website content with accurate and relevant advertisements which users who visit your website will surely click. Irrelevant advertisements will not be clicked by users.

Our Adsense Campaign Management:

  • Formatting website layout for multiple ad unit placements.
  • Placing horizontal ad unit matching with menu.
  • Placing ads on importance place to increase the CTR
  • Displaying ad unit at places where user give maximum attention.
  • Custom channel tracking to select the best performing ad unit and remove the non performing as well