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Social Media Optimization

(SMO) is a new method of internet marketing. It is also referred to as a part of Viral Marketing. Main purpose of SMO is to make your content easily sharable in online to ensure that, as many people see your content.
Recent developments many search engines like Google, Bing are currently include social actions into their search results, this shows importance of integrating social factor to your content.

It also helps in driving good traffic to your website and even improves your search rankings.

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work through SMO to spread awareness and get recognition of your website across various social media platforms which include face book, twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, blogs, social booking sites and other social networking sites.

Social Media Optimization includes various methods:

  • Social News Buttons
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Networking sites ( facebook ,twitter, etc)
  • Facebook Page Design
  • Activities on Video & Photo Sharing Websites
  • Forum Posting
  • Blog Writing & Commenting
  • Classified Ads distribution

Benefits of Social Media Optimizaton :

  • SMO helps in creating buzz in social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, etc.
  • SMO helps by creating your companies brand awareness on the Internet
  • SMO combines with SEO & SEM efforts of the website.
  • SMO helps in driving good traffic to your website from various social media & networking sites.
  • SMO helps in improving link popularity and getting quality one way links.

Facebook Package :

  • An eye-catching custom-designed Facebook landing page
  • Professionally written and appropriate content for your profile
  • A Facebook Badge on your website that links to your Facebook Page
  • Integration of your blog, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts with Facebook if relevant